What Are the Best Digital Products to Sell Online?

Digital products are great and have the advantage of being delivered immediately rather than having to wait days or even weeks for delivery. Of course, not every product can be sold online – yet, although in a few years digital printers may solve some of that (I can just imaging printing a pair of Crocs!) as the technology becomes more popular. But what are the best digital products to sell online currently?

Your own digital product

This offers the highest possible margin as you get to keep 100% of the retail price, less a small consideration to Paypal or your credit card provider.

If you’ve built up a list of potential customers, this has the added advantage that you can email them and make some immediate sales.

Of course, it assumes that you’ve created your own digital product such as an ebook or software or a series of audios or videos. But that actually takes surprisingly little time, so don’t rule this out as a possibility.


Anyone with a smart phone is a potential customer. Which makes this a big and growing market, especially when you add in the number of apps that the average smart phone user has on their device.

Apple and the other app providers offer an affiliate program. You need to apply for this in the usual way (filling out basic details, etc) and may have to wait a short while for approval but after that you’re free to start promoting these digital goods.

Kindle books

These could be books written by other authors or by yourself or a mixture of the two.

Kindle books tend to be cheap – anything from 99 cents upwards – so it’s unlikely you’ll grow rich selling them. Although, that said, there are authors who’ve sold in excess of a million Kindle books so it’s definitely possible.

You can achieve 70% royalties on your own books if you price them between $2.99 and $9.99 or 35% royalties outside that price range.

And selling cheap Kindle books on your own site can help take the percentage Amazon pay out up another level or two because Amazon put their commission bands in terms of units sold, not value sold.

Other people’s digital products

There are lots of affiliate programs out there who include digital goods in their mix.

Clickbank has a majority of their products in digital format, Commission Junction includes various suppliers including those of digital products. And there are lots of other programs that you can find – usually as simply as adding the word “affiliate” to a regular search.