How To Sell Digital Products On Bonanza

Digital product authors and licensed resellers have sold their products on eBay for many years. Sadly, for the past couple of years eBay has made this increasingly more difficult. This is due to their restrictions on the sale of digitally downloaded products. As a result many digital product sellers have been forced to find an alternative.

Bonanza fit the bill perfectly!

If you’re not familiar with Bonanza, it’s an online auction site very much like eBay. Bill Harding founded Bonanza in 2007. Today there are over 20 million items for sale on Bonanza. These item listings are available to nearly every country in the world. Among these items are, naturally, digitally downloaded products.

Digital products are not only fully supported on Bonanza, the digital delivery to your customer is also handled. When your product is purchased and payment completed, the buyer is able to download the product immediately.

The ability to easily list digital products, has made Bonanza one of the top venues for selling downloadable software, eBooks, plugins and more.

Listing your digital downloads is easy

  1. Register a sellers account on Bonanza.
  2. Once your account is active, login and go to your seller’s dashboard.
  3. Set up your Seller’s Booth, following the provided instructions/suggestions.
  4. Select items, then add or edit items. This will open your listings page.
  5. Select add an item. This will take you to the listing creation page.
  6. Complete the Give Your Item A Title Field.
  7. Next you will upload your product images.
  8. In the item category field, select Digital Goods, then type of item from the list of options.
  9. Enter the number of items available in the Quantity Available field.
  10. Complete the Detailed Item Description field.
  11. In the Shipping Selection field you’ll upload your digital file. (.zip file)
  12. Set a price for your item.
  13. Click the, Add This Item To Your Booth button.
  14. You’ll receive confirmation that your listing is now live.

That’s all there is to it. When your item sells, payment will be added to your PayPal account, the buyer will be able to download the item immediately. All of this is handled automatically, with no additional action required from you.

Another great feature of Bonanza is the Rewards Program. You earn reward tokens for just about every action you perform on Bonanza. Logging in and listing items are just a couple ways you earn tokens. These tokens can be used for fee discounts, listing promotion and more.

There are many other great venues for selling digital products online. However, if you sell digital products, Bonanza definitely ranks among the best. Even if you currently sell on other sites, don’t overlook Bonanza!

Creating Your Own Digital Product Can Be Easy!

Digital products are everywhere. If you’ve downloaded a Kindle ebook or something from iTunes, you’ve bought a pure digital product. If you’ve bought a CD or DVD, the ultimate product is digital even if the medium it’s delivered on isn’t. Either way, digital products are everywhere.

And you can join the ranks of those digital product creators very easily, so long as you know what you’re doing.

Decide on a format

The most popular formats for digital products are probably books, audios and videos. So unless you’re a geeky software engineer, I’d suggest sticking with one of those formats.

The order I listed them in is typically lowest price to highest price: paperbacks are almost always cheaper than the audio version of the book and when it’s turned into a movie that usually costs more again.

So, ideally, aim for audio or video as your format. They’re actually quicker products to produce as well as commanding a higher price.

Write an outline

An outline is like a sat-nav for your product.

It helps you get from point A (the start) to point B (the finish).

At the very least, outline the main sections of your product, a bit like the chapter headings in a book.

If this is the first digital product you’ve created, I’d also suggest outlining the sub-sections within each of the main sections. And maybe sub-sub-sections as well.

This has two main benefits:

  • You’ll quickly spot whether there’s anything major missing from your product
  • You’ll be able to create the product in bite-sized chunks rather than facing potential overwhelm at the thought of having to create everything at once

Both of those are important, otherwise you run the risk of procrastinating and never even starting to create your product.

Which leads neatly on to the next part:


So many projects languish forever on to-do lists.

Think back to your last set of New Year’s resolutions: how many got started? How many actually got completed?

If you’re like most people, chances are that you don’t have anywhere near a 100% success rate.

But there’s also a good chance that you got further ahead with the things you actually started rather than just dreamed about!

So set aside some time every day (or at worst every week) to work on creating your new digital product.

The more committed you are, the better as your subconscious mind will start to nag you to and will help keep you on track to actually completing your new digital product.

Good luck!

Selling Digital Products – Tips in Boosting Your Sales

Digital products are among the popular products that are being sold nowadays. From eBooks to computer software, you can actually find them everywhere on the internet. If you are one of those selling digital products online and is looking for ways to boost your sales and your profit, here are a few tips that you might find useful.

– Sell them through affiliates. One of the most successful marketing strategy when it comes to selling online, and probably offline as well, is through affiliate marketing. This marketing technique works on an affiliate program where affiliates will promote your product or refer potential customers into your website. When a sale is made, you will then pay your affiliate with a commission you previously agreed upon. This technique is often advantageous to digital products seller as you will not burden yourself of promoting the product as well as driving traffic to your site as this are all done by the affiliates.

– Build your website online. Of course, the first thing that might come into your mind when it comes to selling digital products on the internet is to make your own website, find your target customers and introduce your product to them. Although this can require a lot of hard work, this will also help establish your business. Of course, you have to market your website as well.

– Introduce and sell your products in social networking sites. Aside from being able to create a business page on social networking sites allowing online users to check out your product, you can also sell them in the online marketplace where people meet to buy and sell.

– Submit your digital product to online databases or online stores. This will give your product more exposure to people who are looking for digital products. This will also make your marketing easier as well.

– Give out free trials on your products. If you are selling computer software, you can provide a limited trail period for free usage of your product. You can also give out free copies to those who will win contests that you sponsor, or if you are selling an eBook, you can also give away limited copies as well to your loyal online readers.

– Copy your digital products on a CD or DVD and sell them to friends and acquaintances. You can also allow local businesses to give a few samples as incentives to loyal customers, especially those who are most likely be interested in your products.

– Sell them in online classified ads or sell them in online auctions. These are popular sites that people can think of if they want to buy something at the best price, so take advantage of this as well.

Selling digital products are indeed one of the most profitable businesses you can venture to without having to cost much on the marketing. Your eBooks for example, does not need printing. If you want to sell the physical product, you can simply store it in a CD.

What Are the Best Digital Products to Sell Online?

Digital products are great and have the advantage of being delivered immediately rather than having to wait days or even weeks for delivery. Of course, not every product can be sold online – yet, although in a few years digital printers may solve some of that (I can just imaging printing a pair of Crocs!) as the technology becomes more popular. But what are the best digital products to sell online currently?

Your own digital product

This offers the highest possible margin as you get to keep 100% of the retail price, less a small consideration to Paypal or your credit card provider.

If you’ve built up a list of potential customers, this has the added advantage that you can email them and make some immediate sales.

Of course, it assumes that you’ve created your own digital product such as an ebook or software or a series of audios or videos. But that actually takes surprisingly little time, so don’t rule this out as a possibility.


Anyone with a smart phone is a potential customer. Which makes this a big and growing market, especially when you add in the number of apps that the average smart phone user has on their device.

Apple and the other app providers offer an affiliate program. You need to apply for this in the usual way (filling out basic details, etc) and may have to wait a short while for approval but after that you’re free to start promoting these digital goods.

Kindle books

These could be books written by other authors or by yourself or a mixture of the two.

Kindle books tend to be cheap – anything from 99 cents upwards – so it’s unlikely you’ll grow rich selling them. Although, that said, there are authors who’ve sold in excess of a million Kindle books so it’s definitely possible.

You can achieve 70% royalties on your own books if you price them between $2.99 and $9.99 or 35% royalties outside that price range.

And selling cheap Kindle books on your own site can help take the percentage Amazon pay out up another level or two because Amazon put their commission bands in terms of units sold, not value sold.

Other people’s digital products

There are lots of affiliate programs out there who include digital goods in their mix.

Clickbank has a majority of their products in digital format, Commission Junction includes various suppliers including those of digital products. And there are lots of other programs that you can find – usually as simply as adding the word “affiliate” to a regular search.