Creating Your Own Digital Product Can Be Easy!

Digital products are everywhere. If you’ve downloaded a Kindle ebook or something from iTunes, you’ve bought a pure digital product. If you’ve bought a CD or DVD, the ultimate product is digital even if the medium it’s delivered on isn’t. Either way, digital products are everywhere.

And you can join the ranks of those digital product creators very easily, so long as you know what you’re doing.

Decide on a format

The most popular formats for digital products are probably books, audios and videos. So unless you’re a geeky software engineer, I’d suggest sticking with one of those formats.

The order I listed them in is typically lowest price to highest price: paperbacks are almost always cheaper than the audio version of the book and when it’s turned into a movie that usually costs more again.

So, ideally, aim for audio or video as your format. They’re actually quicker products to produce as well as commanding a higher price.

Write an outline

An outline is like a sat-nav for your product.

It helps you get from point A (the start) to point B (the finish).

At the very least, outline the main sections of your product, a bit like the chapter headings in a book.

If this is the first digital product you’ve created, I’d also suggest outlining the sub-sections within each of the main sections. And maybe sub-sub-sections as well.

This has two main benefits:

  • You’ll quickly spot whether there’s anything major missing from your product
  • You’ll be able to create the product in bite-sized chunks rather than facing potential overwhelm at the thought of having to create everything at once

Both of those are important, otherwise you run the risk of procrastinating and never even starting to create your product.

Which leads neatly on to the next part:


So many projects languish forever on to-do lists.

Think back to your last set of New Year’s resolutions: how many got started? How many actually got completed?

If you’re like most people, chances are that you don’t have anywhere near a 100% success rate.

But there’s also a good chance that you got further ahead with the things you actually started rather than just dreamed about!

So set aside some time every day (or at worst every week) to work on creating your new digital product.

The more committed you are, the better as your subconscious mind will start to nag you to and will help keep you on track to actually completing your new digital product.

Good luck!